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This site was created and developed by permanent members of the Intellectual Club «Empiros». Within the framework of our professional competence, we are engaged in the study of such areas of knowledge as: philosophy of consciousness, religious studies, psychiatry, hypnosis, altered states of consciousness, philosophy of science, history and culture, quantum physics and various aspects of natural sciences.

Investigating the issue of the «mind & brain problem», we analyze the modern scientific paradigm (data from neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology) and the theories that preceded it, with which its issue was considered until the end of the 19th century: phenomena from the field of spiritualism, magnetism, studies of out-of-body experience. While adhering to the scientific paradigm, we also attach great importance to the phenomenological approach. That is the reason of our interest in the previous paradigms, which are more harmoniously combined with the phenomenological description. In this regard, many materials are devoted to the history of religion (religion studies), the history of psychiatry and psychology.

As the motto of our society, we have chosen the motto of the once existing society «London Dialectical Society», which conducts activities in the same direction as the Intellectual Club «Empiros». This is a society consisting of free-thinking people, which has as its goal the «philosophical discussion of all questions, and especially those that lie at the root of the disagreements that divide humanity».

Our activity is both theoretical (articles, videos, reports, discussions) and experimental (setting up experiments, personal practices, psychological trainings). Geographically, our meetings are held in Moscow.

Ольга Атман

Bachelor in Religious studies. Master's Degree in psychology (faculty of clynical&special psychology). My area of ​​interests: history of religion, psychiatry, philosophy of mind, and all related to the study of altered states of consciousness.

Kristina Solo

Coach, leader of the business project, Master of Psychology at MIP (Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis), Faculty of Clinical Psychology Consulting with the Basics of Psychotherapy.

Virr Araphel

Physicist (Departments of Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particles at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and Dubna State University / Joint Institute for Nuclear Research). Independent researcher in the field of religious studies. Translator of books and articles from Latin, Ancient Greek, French and English. Expert on the subject of the Medieval and Renaissance occultism. The developer and admin of this site.

Ольга Атман

Религиовед (философский факультет РПУ), магистр психологии (кафедра клинической и специальной психологии, МГППУ). Является редким в РФ междисциплинарным специалистом.

Кристина Соло

Коуч, лидер бизнес-проекта, магистр психологии в МИП (Московский институт психоанализа) факультет "Клинико-психологическое консультирование с основами психотерапии".

Вирр Арафель

Физик (кафедры физики атомного ядра и элементарных частиц в ИАТЭ НИЯУ МИФИ и МУПОЧ "Дубна"/Объединенный Институт Ядерных Исследований). Независимый исследователь в области религиоведения, переводчик книг и статей с латинского, древнегреческого, французского и английского языков. Специалист по изучению оккультизма Средневековья и Ренессенса. Разработчик и админ этого сайта.